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prinsess..After numerous searches on Google I did not find what I was looking for; a Norwegian plus size blog. Something I could relate to.. So I decided to start one myself!


Like most other women, I am in love with fashion. I love the different style combinations, the fabulous designer clothes, high street fashion, and how one can reflect personality, taste and attitude by the use of fabrics and colours. You can say that I am one of millions of women who daily read fashion blogs, online newspapers and daydream of a world created by cuts and creations -Until I wake up and realize that my part time position as a sales assistant is far from enough in order for me to buy that Alexander McQueen dress or Versace blazer. But that’s not all.. Another small big issue I have when it comes to buying designer clothes is my size and fat that has found its way to my chest, stomach, arms and even my thighs. Fat that seems to be very comfortable exactly where it’s positioned and refuses to move. With my 179cm from head to toe, 132cm around my hips, 99cm around the waist and 118cm around my chest I’ve got myself a very stable place in what is categorized as plus size in the fashion industry -And I actually enjoy it!


My name is Nastaran. I’m born in 1986 in Iran and currently live in Oslo, Norway studying marketing and PR -and of course trying to change the world. In 2011 I was on the catwalk for Zizzi Plus Size Fashion and in 2012 I was one out of eight finalists among 249 participants in KappAhls Plus Size Model Search, but the real journey started in 2013.


I have always felt a bit different due to my Persian background and my size, especially when I was younger, and it took me a while to understand that the things that make me different are the same things that makes me unique. I eventually also managed to see the importance of turning this otherness into resources instead of constantly wanting to change in order to «fit in» or in order to satisfy others.


With the willingness of changing the fashion industry and societies perception of plus size, I started «Curves And I» in 2013 -A personal blog based on my plus size living, experiences and interests, fashion and other things that may cross my mind or happen in my life. In addition to launching the blog in 2013 I was also an adidas’ running ambassador ( Yes, fat people can run too! )  and one of thirty finalists in the plus size beauty pageant, Miss Plus Size International. The photo of me in my blue dress from the pageant was number one in the list of top 10 Norwegian fashion headlights of 2013, listed by Norway’s biggest fashion page, minmote.no and the Norwegian newspaper VG.


I have been featured in Norwegian magazines and press such as KK, Kamille, Stella, minMoteTV2, Østlendingen, VG and Side2.  I am also a contributing writer at Iknowthatmagazine.com.


I hope this blog can help inspire others to embrace their body and all their perfect imperfections, to explore, experiment and find their own style and see the countless possibilities that arises if we dare to take risks and try something new!


If you would want to collaborate, ask me a question or just say hello I would love to hear from you!

Love Nastaran