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I know I know, it’s almost been a week and I’ve been terrible at updating the blog, instagram and other social medias.. So caught up with uni and life that everything else been put on hold.
I am sooooorry!

So.. I was in Bergen with the British lingerie brand Curvy Kate and their model Laura Butler. I have cooperated with Curvy Kate earlier and use their products on a daily basis so this weekend I participated in introducing Curvy Kate to the customers of “Netty” -the largest lingerie stores in Bergen!
I’m back in Oslo after now and life has gone back to Norway. Bergen was really great! I had almost forgotten how fantastic the city is, and I can’t wait to go back during the summer and hopefully experience some sunny days.

My memory card died on me the other day, but a miracle happened and it decided to work again. I seriously thought I had lost all my photos from the last couple of months with a bunch of photos from events I need to update you on, but we’re now back to normal and blogger life can continue.

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